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Check and composing Gmail messages without opening the browser

When it comes to e-mail services (Email) online now sure many will stay to Gmail, one of the most popular email service today and have the most number of users in the world. Gmail always refresh themselves with many improvements to serve users better.

If you are someone who is always busy with work, it's troublesome if any must be logged into your mailbox and browser window F5 often to check for new messages from Gmail. It takes time for these things. And today I will introduce to you Kwerty Gmail Notifier software, a small software, free and handy. Kwerty functional Gmail Notifier automatically check your mailbox and notify you when new messages arrive, you can easily preview the email with a thumbnail image of the letter, in addition you can quickly converted to manipulate you compose only a simple click away.

After download and install is complete, you start Kwerty Gmail Notifier. First start, Kwerty Gmail Notifier will ask you to log information about Email your property.
After logging is complete, the icon will display Kwerty Gmail Notifier in the Windows taskbar. When new messages, Kwerty Gmail Notifier displays how many new mail icon next to the software. When the mouse on the icon, a preview window will show up Email. If most on the thumbnail, you'll be taken to a browser to open the letter up.

When right-clicking on the icon Kwerty Gmail Notifier, a list of commands will pop up: Open Inbox (open inbox), the Compose Mail, Check for new mail, Settings  and logout Gmail

If you want to change some basic settings of Kwerty Gmail Notifier, click Settings in the command list. Settings window will pop up, you can change a few settings to your liking.

Kwerty Gmail Notifier works on both 32bit and 64bit version 2 of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

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