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Change Gmail settings (Android)

This information is for the Gmail app for Android 4.0 and above.
The Gmail app for Android has two types of settings:

1. General settings for all accounts on your device.
2. Account settings that only apply to a specific account.
In the Gmail app, touch Menu menu, then select Settings.

General settings
Here are the available settings when you go to Menu> Settings> General settings.
Taking into account the default email (archive or delete)
    You will be more likely to archive or delete a message? You can choose whether you want to archive or delete the default option when you swipe a message in your inbox or open a message.
Note: For non-Gmail account, its default is always removed, so that even if you change this setting to store, your message has also been deleted ran out

swipe action
Quickly archive or delete an email without opening it out - you just swipe right or left. If your default action is set to store, swiping store and if your default action is to delete, swipe to delete. You can set your default action for the above settings.

When you reply to a message from the app, your behavior was the default is the only answer to sender. then you just click reply and when you compose a message and then press the submit button. Check your sent messages box to check if you sent it yet

The message AutoFit
When this is set to AutoFit mode enabled, the big message this unique format it will be automatically resized so they are easier to read on your mobile device. Learn more about how to make a more readable

Set Auto-advance allows you to choose what you see after you delete or archive a message you're reading. You can choose to be taken to newer or older conversation, or go back next chat list.

Confirm before deleting / archiving / send
If you had to see the lake is ever sent, deleted or archived a message by accident, you can help ensure this does not happen again. If you check the box to delete, archive, or sent, you will receive a notification pop-up to confirm that you want to have this action.

Account settings (Gmail or Google Apps)

And here are the settings that are available when you access the Menu menu, then select Settings, and choose your account. If you have multiple accounts, these settings will only apply to the account you that you have chosen.
type inbox
Default Inbox organize your mail into optional categories such as Social, Promotions, and Updates.
Priority Inbox is a list of conversations from your Inbox that Gmail or you have labeled important.

inbox categories
You can choose to show or hide many categories as you need. Hidden messages will appear in Primary.

Change categories in the Gmail app are reflected in the desktop version of Gmail, and vice versa. Learn more about inbox categories.
This setting is not displayed if you've enabled Priority Inbox

Gmail will automatically be shown the images in your messages. If you have a mobile data limit, you may want to change your settings to Google asking you before showing images.
Some Gmail settings, like creating a label, are available only in versions of desktop Gmail 

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