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Use Gmail to send photo or picture via email to friends and family

Writing primarily for beginners, this tip detailing how to use Gmail to send photos or images via email. Only photographs in digital form can be emailed - pictures taken from digital camera you've been so and those who are in your photo album (especially those images forever young not old black and white.) Need to be scanned. Once in digital form, copy them to a folder on your computer's hard disk. If you do not have a scanner, take the services of the central desktop publishing closest.

Composing a new email in Gmail to attach pictures or images
Log into your Gmail account and make sure you are using the newer version of Gmail. This way, you can also use the older version of Gmail to send pictures and images, but the instructions and the photograph on this page have been working out the new version of the standard. For learning how to switch from one version to another, please refer to the article on the two versions of our Gmail

And now you will see a screen display like the picture below - start creating email messages by first entering the recipient's email address in the "To:" and then the email subject. And then you can type in your email there. The images can be mounted at a later stage - no problem.

Attach photos
Now it is interesting to you.
You can find a link Attach a file only in the fields email threads? Please Click it. It will change to a button, select a file. When you press this button, then you will receive a pop-up window through which you browse to the folder on your hard disk images or image album. Double-click the desired image or simply select and click on "Open" in the pop-up that

For you to attach another photo in Gmail, you follow four steps that I mentioned above.
Please Note: time to perform attach and send photos via Gmail depends on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the image looks like. If the images are large in file size will take more time, but especially of your home intrernet been slower network connections.

If you unfortunately have attached a photo by mistake, you can always click on the "remove" to remove it from the email message. When you have completed the installation of the image and the image, click on the Send button to send Dy.

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