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Thứ Ba, 14 tháng 6, 2016

Recognize Gmail

Why should you use Gmail?
Let's talk a bit more about the best feature of Gmail, and why, if you do not use Gmail, you might consider starting.

Gmail Offers Lots store
Gmail offers 15 GB of free storage space, allowing you to record your messages for future reference. Note: This 15 GB shared with Google Drive and Google+ Photos.

Best of all, Google has been increasing the storage capacity of your account, so you do not need to worry about running out of space, and if you do, you can always buy more!

Conversations in email is organized into theme

Email automatically grouped by subject line. When you receive a reply to a message, all relevant information that was previously displayed in a warp opens, making it easy to see the whole conversation and review what has been drafted previous comment.

=======>>>  How to transfer your Gmail messages from old to new Gmail account

Thorough Malware and Virus-Check feature
Gmail constantly updated scanners against malware and its antivirus to offer you protection to date as possible.

Attachments are stored on Google's servers, but if malware or viruses make it through in a message, Gmail displays a warning and immediately quarantined All violations.

You can not go viral filter out, and it prevents you from sending an executable file (.exe) attachment. If you really need to send anything like an .exe file, you will first need to put it in a .zip or .rar container such as a.

Spam Filtering Excellent
Gmail has some pretty good spam filter, the message is not getting through to stray sometimes but for the most part, you will not see a message you do not want to see.

Gmail in the browser
We want to start by touring the Gmail interface, you will encounter. We'll start with the web browser, which most Gmail users will easily get used to. You can access Gmail in any web browser, however, How-To Geek recommends Google Chrome, a browser and that we use in this series.

Quickly and Easily Find message Use Search Box
You can quickly find the e-mail message by using the power of Google Search, which is attached to your Gmail allows for immediate results. Simply enter your search criteria in the search field and click the green button or press "enter".

Advanced search operators are query words or symbols that help you refine your search. They perform special actions allow you to quickly and easily keep track of what you are looking for (see Google's Advanced Search help page for a list of the most useful operators).

For more search options, click the arrow in the search box.
A drop-down dialog box will allow you to search based on the email "From", "To", "Subject", the message content, attachments, and more.

Other features access Gmail Using Menu Letter
Click the "Mail" to access features such as Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Tasks.

Perform general activity of your message using the action button
Action buttons let you take action on your messages. For example, you can use the buttons to label, delete, or mark one or more messages as spam. The action button located below the search box and on your message.

Some buttons such as "Archive", "Report Spam" and "label" are only available if you have selected one or more message or open a message.

The button "Select" allows you to quickly and easily select all or none of your messages, all read or unread messages, or all messages starred or unstarred. Click the arrow on the "Select" to access the different options to choose from your message.

To quickly select all your messages, click the check box blank on the "Select" button. When the checkbox on the "Select" with a check in it, all your messages are selected. Click the checkbox on the "Select" when it contains a check mark, quickly deselect all your messages.

The "Archives" allows you to remove the message from your inbox, but keep them in your Gmail account, for future reference. You can think of the store as moving an important file on your desk in your closet and not in the trash.

Neu you have received any messages that appear to be spam, use the "Report spam" for this report to Google. While the filter works very well GMail spam, we are not perfect and non-standard messages do get through every now and then. This feature will help them get better filter out annoying, unwanted messages. To report a message as spam, select the checkbox next to the messages in your inbox or open the message, then click the "Report Spam" on the toolbar.

If you (or Google) has accidentally mark a message as spam, you can recover it. Simply, click the "Spam" label in the list of labels on the left. Choose a message that is not spam, and click the "Not Spam" in the toolbar.

Remember, the more your spam messages reporting, Google is better at filtering out unwanted messages.

To "take back" a message, move the message, drag it into the "Inbox", or other label. You can manually delete all the messages in the "Trash" by clicking the "Empty Trash now" link at the top of the list.

Gmail lets you delete specific messages in a conversation. We will discuss further in the next section.

"Move to" button to access a menu very similar to the "Labels" button discussed below. However, when you select one or more messages, click "Move to" and then select the label from the "Jump to" menu. Messages or selected messages are moved out of the "Inbox" on the label, just like a folder.

The "Labels" lets you organize your messages into categories. They are similar to folders, but they add an additional feature not available with the folder: you can add more than one label to a message.

To add a label to a message, select the message, click the "Labels" button, and choose a label from the list. This list is not closed after you make a choice, so you can easily apply more than one label to a message.

Only you can see the labels you apply to a message. So you can mark a message with any label you want, such as "Read later," and the sender of the message will never know.

Take action on all messages, or Quick Check Email
If you did not notice or chose to open, only three Action buttons are available: "Select", "Refresh" and "More".

The button "Select" (the empty checkbox) provides the same options that the one or more selected messages or a message is opened.

Use the "Refresh" (circular arrow) to check for new email.

When a message is selected or open, the "More" only allows you to mark the message as read.

Displaying text on buttons instead Pictures
If you enjoy writing instead of icons on the "Action", you can change a setting to do this.

Click "Settings" button gears and select "Settings" from the drop down menu. Scroll down to "click" and select "Text" option.

Scroll down the page and click "Save changes". All the "action" button, except for the "Select" button, change to display text instead of icons.

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Thứ Năm, 9 tháng 6, 2016

Shortcuts in Gmail

Like software, Gmail also supports keyboard shortcuts and keyboard combinations that you can use easily without having to go through many operations. We would like to introduce to you the most useful keyboard shortcuts are available in Gmail.

Like chat programs, online chat, each program has its own shortcut key combination to the user faster operation. If there are keyboard shortcuts for Yahoo Yahoo is in no shortcuts Facebook 
In Gmail, too. Use the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail makes it easy to manipulate and faster even when the computer is not connected to a computer mouse. If you are a regular to use Email and Gmail contacts are key, the shortcuts known this would be a great help for you.

* To compose a new email

- Ctrl + Enter: Send an email away.
- Ctrl +. : Transition to a Next compose window.
- Ctrl + Shift + C: Add the recipient's address in the Cc field
- Ctrl + Shift + B: Add the recipient's address in the Bcc field
- C: Open a new compose window on the current interface.
- D: Open a compose window in a new window.
- /: Move the cursor to the search function to find the email.
- R: Move to frame responses are reading email.
- #: Move to Trash Email reading.
- P: Switch back Email Email just read before reading.
- N: Go to the next email.
- GI: Access your inbox.
- GT: Visit the outbox.

* To use the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign gmail -> Click the icon in Gmail Settings -> Settings

Step 2: Select the Keyboard Shortcuts -> and select Keyboard shortcuts on -> Save Changes

To see a list of shortcuts, choose Learn more bottom section Keyboard Shortcuts -> list of shortcuts will appear for your reference and apply

Thanks to these shortcuts help you work more easily with the messages sent to and sent in Gmail, manipulation directly on the keyboard without using the mouse.

Thứ Năm, 2 tháng 6, 2016

Some ways to access Gmail when blocked

(PLO) - Usually in the office or school, an administrator will prevent access to certain sites time wasters like Facebook, Gmail ...
The following article will guide you through some simple tips to access Gmail without having to install proxy, or any other application on your computer.
1) Use different web addresses:

2) Configuration management for email programs (Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook):

If using the above fails, you can try to configure your Gmail account with Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook. Then you can send and receive mail on any PC without having to open the site. Here the writer will perform with Microsoft Outlook 2013, you do the same for the lower version.

First, you need to enable IMAP for Gmail before Gmail Inbox by, you select the icon, then press the wheel cog Settings.

Switch Forwarding and POP / IMAP, you tick the box Enable IMAP and click Save to save the settings. Note, this setting will not be available when you use Gmail in HTML mode.

Now you open up Microsoft Outlook, choose File> Add Account. Full enter information into the fields below as Your Name (full name), E-mail Address (email address) and password corresponding to continue, then click Next.

Wait a minute to complete the authentication process. Note that if you have previously verified enable 2 classes for Gmail, they must temporarily turn it off Meanwhile, the email will be downloaded to the computer in MS Outlook, and you easily send and receive messages without having to access the web-based Gmail.

The default parameters will automatically be set up, however, if any problems, you can refer to the parameters  to reconfigure for accuracy.

3) Forward email to another account:

If 2 or way too hard on you fail, you can set Gmail to automatically forward received emails to another account as follows.

First, you need to enable POP for your Gmail Inbox by Gmail, you select the icon, then press the wheel cog Settings.

Switch Forwarding and POP / IMAP, you tick the Enable POP for all mail box and click Save to save the settings. Click the button Add a forwarding address, then enter the email address (Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, ...) used to receive forwarded messages from Gmail.

Here the writer will enter the email address above and click Next Outlook to continue. Then there will be a code or 1 confirmation link will be sent to the address Outlook, you just take it and enter the confirmation box in Gmail is completed.

Now in Forwarding a copy of incoming mail to, you choose to 1 email address in the list to receive the forwarded message from Gmail and in the blank space, choose the keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox to retain a Gmail's copy in it.

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Check and composing Gmail messages without opening the browser

Thứ Hai, 30 tháng 5, 2016

Check and composing Gmail messages without opening the browser

When it comes to e-mail services (Email) online now sure many will stay to Gmail, one of the most popular email service today and have the most number of users in the world. Gmail always refresh themselves with many improvements to serve users better.

If you are someone who is always busy with work, it's troublesome if any must be logged into your mailbox and browser window F5 often to check for new messages from Gmail. It takes time for these things. And today I will introduce to you Kwerty Gmail Notifier software, a small software, free and handy. Kwerty functional Gmail Notifier automatically check your mailbox and notify you when new messages arrive, you can easily preview the email with a thumbnail image of the letter, in addition you can quickly converted to manipulate you compose only a simple click away.

After download and install is complete, you start Kwerty Gmail Notifier. First start, Kwerty Gmail Notifier will ask you to log information about Email your property.
After logging is complete, the icon will display Kwerty Gmail Notifier in the Windows taskbar. When new messages, Kwerty Gmail Notifier displays how many new mail icon next to the software. When the mouse on the icon, a preview window will show up Email. If most on the thumbnail, you'll be taken to a browser to open the letter up.

When right-clicking on the icon Kwerty Gmail Notifier, a list of commands will pop up: Open Inbox (open inbox), the Compose Mail, Check for new mail, Settings  and logout Gmail

If you want to change some basic settings of Kwerty Gmail Notifier, click Settings in the command list. Settings window will pop up, you can change a few settings to your liking.

Kwerty Gmail Notifier works on both 32bit and 64bit version 2 of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

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5 Reasons to have a different Gmail account for your PayPal Sign

Thứ Tư, 25 tháng 5, 2016

5 Reasons to have a different Gmail account for your PayPal Sign

Network security is not something that most people think of the Internet. However, network security is related to everyone, especially those who use online resources with their finances. Here are five ways that have a different Gmail account can help you.

1. Information held
Most people only have one email account, and for many, it's an unpleasant experience to have to sift through email to find something're looking for. There are two separate accounts, not only protect your security, but by specifying the types of email accounts to go there, you can ensure that you will not lose an email or you will not lose too much time search for information related to your PayPal login and other account information.

2. Email Get Hacked
The astonishing news - about half of the email account hacked Americans every 12 months. Once your email account is compromised, so is all the information that you have in your account. Unsurprisingly, this information may include PayPal passwords, bank account information, and more. To ensure that you do not give the hacker easy access to your PayPal account, the best thing to do is to create another Gmail account with the sole purpose of protecting critical information. Certainly, there is a chance that your financial accounts can be hacked too, but you have a much smaller risk.

3. Share with your spouse

Sometimes, you and your spouse may have a shared email account. However, you can not quite ready to share with your partner that you have a financial account with that separately attached to PayPal. Fortunately, there is a separate Gmail account is the surest way to protect your account and keep it in his own field of knowledge. Your spouse will be able to use the email account your share and will never need to find out that you have your Gmail account. This allows you more control over your own denominations of money and allows you to store information that is most suitable for you.

Password problems

If you're like most people, you can use the same password for every account you have. As a result, once others find out your password, they can go through all of the accounts that they know you. To find out which accounts you use regularly, the first they will scour your primary email. Chances are, you can figure out where this is going. By having a separate Gmail account to your PayPal, you can reduce the risk of having your PayPal account broken into your mail via e-mail from individuals use the passwords will not know your Gmail account yours. Basically, there is a separate Gmail ensure that important information stays with you only.

Save Yourself Time
Your day can be hectic and busy and anyway to cut the time to help you out. Instead of spending endless hours undergoing check all your email for a little information about your PayPal account, smarter option is to simply have a Gmail account for information your PayPal. This way, every time you need to find something related to your PayPal, all you need to do is log into your PayPal email and find what you need quickly. Additionally, you can also delete the email that is not appropriate pesky and keep tidy your inbox more organized and your main inbox.

In general, there are many reasons to own a Gmail account to your PayPal information. This move not only protects you in terms of safety, but it also is one of the most ideal way to save time. In addition, secret Gmail account your own allows you to keep information private that you feel is nothing but confidence. Your Gmail account for your finances means that this information stays with you and only you.v

Thứ Ba, 24 tháng 5, 2016

How to print documents sent in Gmail

When you use Gmail, there are times when you need to print a particular mailbox. Here is the article we introduce to you how to print documents and send the email. After selecting the print function, you can customize the printed page, depending on your business needs. This feature saves you a lot of time, and very convenient.

And email services, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail ... it will be integrated print function. So if you want to print documents in the mail, you just made directly in your mailbox instead of copying other programs print functions, such as Word, PDF, etc .

To print the document and send the email:

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account

Step 2: Open the document in an email received or sent.

Step 3: Click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the message.

Step 4: Select Print

And that is but the way you can print documents in your mailbox, to wish you success.

Thứ Ba, 17 tháng 5, 2016

How to Add Gmail to Windows 10 Email

Here we'll show you how to add Gmail to Windows 10 Email.
Windows 8.1 may have disabled the Gmail users, but it seems Microsoft has listened to the pleas of their users who use Gmail for email, allowing them to use Gmail in Microsoft Mail services.
Even better, these applications work exactly the same even with the standard
 Gmail accounts (ie those with an @ address) and your Google Apps account with custom fields.

To set up your Google account, begin by first launching either Mail, Calendar or People on your Windows 10 device. If you are running the app for the first time, you can set up your Google account during the first-run experience by simply following the on-screen instructions. Otherwise, configure the accounts by selecting the Settings option, located in the lower-left corner or Mail or Calendar. If you’re using the People app, select the “…” option and then choose Settings, located in the top left corner. Once you’ve done this, select Accounts > Add an Account, or just select ‘Accounts’ if you’re using People. Then, you’ll see a window titled ‘Choose an Account’ appear.

In this window, select Google, and go through the Connecting to a Service wizard to supply your Gmail email address, account name and password and two-step verification code if configured. Once you have provided all of the requested information, accept the service connected and click Done once the wizard is complete.

It’s good to know that regardless of whether you use the People, Mail or Calendar app to configure your Gmail account, it will automatically become available in all three of these apps thereafter. So, there’s no need to go through all three apps – once you’ve configured your Gmail account in one of them, the remaining two will be good to go.

Chances are, you won’t want to use the account with default settings. So, you will need to configure the account in order to personalize it to your individual needs. Again, you can do this from any three of the apps and because the interface is the same, any changes that you make will update all three of the apps.

To do this, select the Google account in the Accounts pane when using Mail or Calendar, or if you’re using People, the Settings pane. This provides you with the option to rename it whatever you like. Then, click ‘Change mailbox sync settings’. This option allows you to choose how often Gmail is updated – ‘based on my usage’ is currently the default, but most users prefer to use the ‘as items arrive’ option for push-based email accounts. You can often choose how often contacts and calendars are synced, how much of your Gmail email to actually download to the account, and you can choose whether or not email is even synced for the account in the first place. You can also use this option to switch off Google account sync with Mail, Calendar and People.

Once you’ve completed this, each app should work as needed. In Mail, you can use the Archive function just as you would in Gmail and the More link in the navigation pane gives you the option to determine which of your Gmail folders you would like to appear there. Once set up, you’ll be able to use the Mail app to view and reply to Gmail messages in much the same way as you would in the Gmail interface.

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