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Shortcuts in Gmail

Like software, Gmail also supports keyboard shortcuts and keyboard combinations that you can use easily without having to go through many operations. We would like to introduce to you the most useful keyboard shortcuts are available in Gmail.

Like chat programs, online chat, each program has its own shortcut key combination to the user faster operation. If there are keyboard shortcuts for Yahoo Yahoo is in no shortcuts Facebook 
In Gmail, too. Use the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail makes it easy to manipulate and faster even when the computer is not connected to a computer mouse. If you are a regular to use Email and Gmail contacts are key, the shortcuts known this would be a great help for you.

* To compose a new email

- Ctrl + Enter: Send an email away.
- Ctrl +. : Transition to a Next compose window.
- Ctrl + Shift + C: Add the recipient's address in the Cc field
- Ctrl + Shift + B: Add the recipient's address in the Bcc field
- C: Open a new compose window on the current interface.
- D: Open a compose window in a new window.
- /: Move the cursor to the search function to find the email.
- R: Move to frame responses are reading email.
- #: Move to Trash Email reading.
- P: Switch back Email Email just read before reading.
- N: Go to the next email.
- GI: Access your inbox.
- GT: Visit the outbox.

* To use the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign gmail -> Click the icon in Gmail Settings -> Settings

Step 2: Select the Keyboard Shortcuts -> and select Keyboard shortcuts on -> Save Changes

To see a list of shortcuts, choose Learn more bottom section Keyboard Shortcuts -> list of shortcuts will appear for your reference and apply

Thanks to these shortcuts help you work more easily with the messages sent to and sent in Gmail, manipulation directly on the keyboard without using the mouse.

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