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Some ways to access Gmail when blocked

(PLO) - Usually in the office or school, an administrator will prevent access to certain sites time wasters like Facebook, Gmail ...
The following article will guide you through some simple tips to access Gmail without having to install proxy, or any other application on your computer.
1) Use different web addresses:

2) Configuration management for email programs (Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook):

If using the above fails, you can try to configure your Gmail account with Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook. Then you can send and receive mail on any PC without having to open the site. Here the writer will perform with Microsoft Outlook 2013, you do the same for the lower version.

First, you need to enable IMAP for Gmail before Gmail Inbox by, you select the icon, then press the wheel cog Settings.

Switch Forwarding and POP / IMAP, you tick the box Enable IMAP and click Save to save the settings. Note, this setting will not be available when you use Gmail in HTML mode.

Now you open up Microsoft Outlook, choose File> Add Account. Full enter information into the fields below as Your Name (full name), E-mail Address (email address) and password corresponding to continue, then click Next.

Wait a minute to complete the authentication process. Note that if you have previously verified enable 2 classes for Gmail, they must temporarily turn it off Meanwhile, the email will be downloaded to the computer in MS Outlook, and you easily send and receive messages without having to access the web-based Gmail.

The default parameters will automatically be set up, however, if any problems, you can refer to the parameters  to reconfigure for accuracy.

3) Forward email to another account:

If 2 or way too hard on you fail, you can set Gmail to automatically forward received emails to another account as follows.

First, you need to enable POP for your Gmail Inbox by Gmail, you select the icon, then press the wheel cog Settings.

Switch Forwarding and POP / IMAP, you tick the Enable POP for all mail box and click Save to save the settings. Click the button Add a forwarding address, then enter the email address (Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, ...) used to receive forwarded messages from Gmail.

Here the writer will enter the email address above and click Next Outlook to continue. Then there will be a code or 1 confirmation link will be sent to the address Outlook, you just take it and enter the confirmation box in Gmail is completed.

Now in Forwarding a copy of incoming mail to, you choose to 1 email address in the list to receive the forwarded message from Gmail and in the blank space, choose the keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox to retain a Gmail's copy in it.

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