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What to do when a Gmail features?

Maybe after a few years you use Gmail and then surprise your Gmail box it will be fully informed because you've used up 15GB of Gmail, and you do not want to spend money to buy more storage nor want deleted save all important messages.

Before you start anything, you go to the Gmail Settings and set the parameters for the position Maximum page size is 100, this means that there will be 100 e-mail is displayed on a page, to help you manipulate and track easier.

First, the simplest way to regain the space is obliterated in Spam or Trash email. If there are too many emails containing attachments, then soon your inbox will no longer be stored on site. More importantly, you can also filter email based on attachment file size larger by typing: <space> (eg larger: 5MB) and click search, then select them all and delete all or saved back to your hard drive

Or more simply use Google tools to download all the data on the computer. Please select Gmail and then move on to the next. This time, it will ask the user to select compression formats and storage (inbox or Google Drive). This process is often slow and depends on the number of emails, so you can go off and do something else. When completed, Google will automatically send links to users to download data.

However, if there is financial abundance, you can shell out $ 50,000 / month for 100 GB storage then you will be spoiled for that user and do not need to delete old emails.

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