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5 Ways Gmail mailbox cleanup

Gmail now offers 15 GB of storage for free, but still not enough for some high-end users. By some quick tips below, you can clean up and add a significant gap for your mailbox.

Remove the attachment

Attachment size maximum that Google's Gmail service support of 25 MB, so you can find and delete these files to free up space on your Gmail inbox. To do this, use the Search box to search Gmail Box fast the particular file format. Try typing in that phrase "filename: mp3" or "filename: mov" to determine the attachment large capacity.

You can find all the emails have attachments, regardless of format by clicking the drop-down box arrow in the search box and check the box "Has attachment". You can also convert the files into any format Office's own Google Drive to not occupy more Gmail storage.

Transforming plain text format for email

HTML formatted emails (with formatted text and images embedded) often takes up more space than plain text format e-mail (plain text). If your work frequently had to use large amounts of mail daily Gmail then set plain text format for all that you will compose a new email, Gmail will automatically save this option in the future.

Additionally, you can also save space by not insert the original email to each email you a response. Please delete the original email text before you answer or just select the paragraphs with content needed.

Delete old emails

Gmail search box also helps filter out those old emails that you may never need to use again. Try entering the phrase "older_than: 2y" to view all the email from more than two years ago, then select them all and click the trash can icon to delete.

Of course you can combine this type of search along with a label or a sender address to filter out specific emails that you really do not need to (newsletter, for example). Drop-down search box also provides options to search by date.

Remove large sized email

Previously, Gmail does not let you search emails by size, but now a new feature is added. Enter "larger: 5m" to find emails with a size of 5 MB or more. You can also open the search dialog box and use the drop-down options that size.

Imagine you have 300 emails with a size of 5 MB or more, so it will be at least nearly 2 GB of your Gmail inbox. If you regularly use Gmail to receive emails containing images or PDF files of high resolution, you should always take this step in order to free up space Gmail mailbox.

If you do not want to permanently delete old emails and large emails in Gmail, you can download their copy of the email client application on your computer to store. By POP or IMAP setting switch, you can "drag" on the email and then save them or export the file to store.

In the web interface of Gmail, tap the Settings icon in the shape pinion upper right corner. In the "Forwarding and POP / IMAP" you can enable / disable the POP and IMAP mail received.

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